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Carnival Cruise Line Menus and FOOD pictures (and I snuck a little Princess in here, too!)


2018 New Late Night Eats Menu

2018 New Room Service Menu

2018 New Steak House Menus

2018 New Deli Menu


If the Horizon TA were a 7 day cruise - what the 2018 7 Day menus would look like (Port of Call menus excepted), here


If on a longer cruise in 2018 where Lunch was sometimes served in the MDR


Carnival Horizon 15 Day Transatlantic MDR Menus - May, 2018

Carnival Splendor 14 Day Panama Canal Menus - Jan 2018


Carnival Imagination 4 Day MDR Dinner Menus and Food Porn March, 2017


Carnival Vista Inaugural Cruise Menus and Food Porn


Carnival Vista Transatlantic Cruise Menus and Food Porn


Carnival Freedom American Table/American Feast Menus and More - Feb 20-27, 2016

Carnival Triumph 11 Day Journey Cruise - American Table/American Feast Menus !! (Oct/Nov 2015)

MDR Dinner Menus Days 1-3     MDR Dinner Menus Days 4-6    MDR Dinner Menus Days 7-9     MDR Dinner Menus Days 10-11


Replacement menu on Elegant Night for Short (5 nights or less) Cruises


Assorted, including Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Note: The order of menus is subject to change for any reason or no reason at all, but typically itinerary and other factors influence.



Carniva Vista Inaugural Sailimg Menus (2016)


Carnival Breeze American Table/American Feast Menus (mostly complete) (2015)


Carnival Chef's Table - Menu and Food Porn! Carnival Sunshine, Feb 2014

CURRENT 7 Day Menus - 7 Day MDR Dinner Menus and Food Pictures (Menus from Sept, 2014 Carnival Miracle Sailing) - Includes Steakhouse Selections

Current 8 Day Menus (7 Day Menu + Menu 15 - NY Steak) - 8 Day MDR Dinner Menus and Food Porn (Sept, 2014 Carnival Miracle) - Includes Steakhouse Selections

6 Day Menus (Based off of Sept, 2014 Carnival Miracle)

CURRENT 5 Day Menus - 5 Day MDR Menus and Pictures: HERE   <---- Carnival Elation, Apr, 2013

4 Day Menus - 4 Day Carnival Inspiration Dinner Menus and Food Porn (from Jan 20, 2014 sailing. Note: Carnival Inspiration transitioned to American Table Menus, Feb, 2014 - but still valid for other ships?)

Golden Princess 4 day menus, Oct, 2013

CURRENT 9 Day Menus from May 17th Carnival Sunshine

CURRENT 12 Day Menus. September 13, Carnival Legend Day 1-6     Carnival Legend Day 7-12

CURRENT MDR Breakfast Menu (Port Days all ships, Sea Days on ships without Sea Day Brunch)

CURRENT   Seaday Brunch Menu and Pictures

MDR Lunch - Only on port days when port arrival is late (like afternoon). Some ships have only one lunch menu, some have multiple.

     Multiple MDR Lunch Menus

     Single MDR Lunch Menu 

Carnival Entertains (Cocktail Party Menus)

Cheers Cheet Sheet - Oct 25, 2014 from Sage{ old Cheers Cheat Sheet (on }


Fish and Chips (Conquest Class Only)


Martini Tasting

New Pizza      (Old) Pizzeria

Red Frog Pub

Room Service

New Room Service Menu (Sushi) - Trial with some pay items

New Room Service Menu (No Sushi)

Room Service Door Hanger Continental Breakfast Menu

Steakhouse (April, 2013)   Steakhouse (March, 2012)      Steakhouse (May, 2011)       Latest Steakhouse Menu  

Taste Bar (Conquest, Nov 25, 2012)

Bar Menu    

Bon Voyage Liquor Ordering (online from Carnival Bon Voyage now or call 800-522-7648)

Burrito Bar

Carnival Magic - Click here for the Cucina del Capitano Menu    Click here for the Cucina del Capitano Dessert Menu

Chef's Table (Carnival Sunshine, Feb, 2014)

Children's Main Dining Room Menu: here    

Duty-Free Liquor

Carnival Dream/Magic Pasta Bar

Carnival Spirit Pasta

MDR Featured Wines

Mexican Deck Party Buffet

Sweets and Coffee (Coffee Shop)     Page1     Page2

Taste of Nations

Wine Menu

Wines By the Glass

Wine Packages:  5 bottle  


American Table / American Feast Menus - Note - These are not current.

Note: American Table Menus are available on Carnival Glory, Carnival Liberty, Carnival Imagination and Carnival Inspiration. All have some differences as they are evolving as Carnival tries to come up with the best mix. Currently Glory and Imagination have the new laminated table tops. Glory has tablecloths only on elegant nights and Imagination no tablecloths at night. Carnival Liberty and Inspiration haven't received the new tables (yet), so still have tablecloths every night. This is still evolving, so menus subject to change at anytime.

Carnival Inspiration American Table Menus (3 Day)

Carnival Imagination American Table Menus  (4 Day)

Carnival Liberty American Table/American Feast Menus - Eastern       Carnival Liberty American Table/American Feast Menus - Western

Carnival Glory American Table/American Feast Menus - Eastern         Carnival Glory American Table/American Feast Menus - Western

Sample American Table 7 Day Dessert Menus Not shown, but cheese and fruit plates are available. (Elegant Night Dessert Menus are incorporated into the American Feast menus, so only 5 shown)

Carnival American Table Kids Menus


Original Carnival Glory American Table and American Feast Menus





7/8 Day MDR Dinner Menus and Pictures: HERE 

5 Day MDR Menus and Pictures: HERE   <---- Carnival Elation, Feb, 2013

4 Day MDR Menus and Pictures: HERE   <---- Partial Update to 11/11/2011

3 Day MDR Menus and Pictures HERE   <---- Partial Update to 11/11/2011

Carnival Breeze 12 Day Main Dining Room (MDR) Menus: here

15 (fifteen) Day MDR Menus and Pictures HERE  <---- 1/12/2012


Carnival Magic 12 Day MDR Menus and Pictures:HERE 

Carnival Magic Prime Steakhouse Pictures and Menus: HERE

Main Dining Room: MDR 7 day menus: here     MDR Breakfast and Lunch Menus:  here


Carnival Triumph 5 day - September 6-11, 2010 - here

Carnival Spirit - Apr 11-23, 2010 - Hawaii - 12 day menus here

Carnival Sensation - Feb 14-18, 2010 - 4 Day Menus with Pictures here

Carnival Dream's Brunch Menu here (pdf file)

Carnival Dream - Oct 27-Nov 12, 2009 - 16 Day Dinner Menus and Food Porn    

Carnival Dream - Oct 15-27, 2009 - 12 Day  Dinner Menus and Food Porn

Carnival Spirit - May 27-June 3, 2009:  7 Day Alaska Dinner Menus   More Menus

Carnival Splendor 18 day menus - Feb, 2009: 18 Day Carnival Splendor Menus    Food  Porn

Carnival Fantasy - Feb, 2009: Fantasy 5 Day Menus  {searchable pdf}

Carnival Freedom Nov 30 - Dec 6, 2008: - 6 Day Menus

Carnival Splendor - Inaugurals - July 2 - July 25, 2008:

Menus-8 day    Menus-3 day   Menus-12 day 

Food Porn 8 Day      Food Porn 3 Day      Food Porn 12 Day

Carnival Pride - Feb 3-10, 2008 - Menus - Dining Room - Dinner  One or Two Food Pictures


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