Zydecocruiser's Carnival Dream Mediterranean Cruise Carnival Dream Mediterranean Cruise, Oct 15-Oct 27, 2009

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Carnival Dream Mediterranean Cruise, Oct 15 - Oct 27, 2009 - DONE

Zydecocruiser and Elizabeth, Life in a Carnival Dream Cove Balcony


Rome, Civitavecchia, Naples, Venice, Dubrovnik, Messina, Barcelona, Monaco, Livorno, Civitavecchia

Port Weather, Carnival Dream Ship, Capers, Menus

The number one question I get is what camera am I using. For this cruise I used a Panasonic FZ35

I use Photoshop Elements to batch process the photos, resizing them to something more reasonable and also auto-fixing colors, etc.


ALMOST LIVE !!! First a quick stop in Paris! Paris, KY, that is! Fly out of Cincinnati on Tuesday. I cannot believe how much crap I packed. Oh well.


The first of two consecutive Carnival Dream cruises, this is a 12 day cruise and the following cruise is a 16 day Transatlantic crossing making a total of 28 days on Carnival Dream. The ship, Carnival's largest to date, will still be new - the Oct 15th cruise is only the third sailing. Most of the inevitable problems with new ships should be identified and hopefully resolved by now.

I will, no doubt, take way too many pictures of everything! Stay tuned...


We will have one of the Cove Balcony staterooms on this cruise!

Carnival Dream Cove Balcony Cabin

A mock up of a Carnival Dream Cove Balcony can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-_3tN7z8kc

Follow the Dream:  http://marinetraffic.com/ais/shipdetails.aspx?MMSI=370490000

There she is! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5wAn0ObKCY  { Amateur video Carnival Dream sea trials }

Pictorial Guide to Carnival Dream Cove Balconies 

Some snaps from webcam2 on the pre-inaugural reposition cruise here

Some snaps from webcam1 and 2 on the Day 1/2 Inaugural cruise here

Carnival Dream Leaving Venice: here

Port Weather

Carnival Dream Ship - Staff, Cove Balcony, Ship Features...

00 Pre-Cruise - Rome

     Page 1

     Hotel dei Consoli, Castel Sant'Angelo, Pizza Margherita

     Rome to Civitavecchia - Breakfast at Hotel dei Consoli, Lots of backtracking in Rome, finally the ship!

01 Thu Oct 15, Civitavecchia, Italy, Depart 7:00pm (Carnival Dream, NCL Gem)

     Ship Pictures

     Cove Balcony!

     More Ship

02 Fri Oct 16, Naples, Italy, 7:00am-6:00pm (Carnival Dream, MSC Sinfonia)

     Page 1 - Introduction

     Napoli 1 - Approaching Naples, Mount Vesuvius, Dawn, Donadio Cameo Factory, Herculaneum,

     Napoli 2 - Herculaneum

     Napoli 3 - Herculaneum

     Napoli 4 - Herculaneum

     Napoli 5 - Herculaneum

     Napoli 6 - Herculaneum, Carnival Dream, Castel Nuova, Sofi Restaurant, Pizza!,

     Napoli 7 - Leaving Naples, Lighthouse, Dinner, Welcome Aboard Show, Ship Shops

03 Sat Oct 17, Fun Day at Sea

     Page 1 - Lido, Golf Cage, Mini-Golf, Waterworks, more

     Page 2 - Serenity, Waterworks, more

     Page 3 - Chef's Art Steakhouse, Sam's Piano Bar, Caliente, Promenade, and more

     Page 4 - Page Turner Library, Circle C, Club O2, The Warehouse Arcade, Wasabi, and more

     Cove Balcony 2

     Page 5 - Captain's Party. Great food, Get Ready

04 Sun Oct 18, Venice, Italy, 2:00pm-Overnight (Carnival Dream, RCCL Legend OTS, MSC Musica, Oceana Nautica, Oceana Regatta, Celebrity Summit)

     Page 1 - Introduction

     Ven 1 - Approaching Venice, Sunrise, Lido Breakfast,

     Ven 2 - Cruising into Venice

     Ven 3 - Cruising into Venice

     Ven 4 - Alilaguna near cruise ship, Walking to Piazzale Roma, Vaporetto, Grand Canal

     Ven 5 - Grand Canal,

     Ven 6 - Grand Canal, Harry's Bar,

     Ven 7 - St Mark's, Hard Rock, Gondolas,

     Ven 8 - Gondolas, Grand Teatro La Fenice,

     Ven 9 - St Mark's, Grand Canal,

     Ven10 - Dinner

05 Mon Oct 19, Venice, Italy, Overnight-3:00pm (RCCL Brilliance OTS, Carnival Dream, Crystal Serenity, RCCL Legend OTS, MSC Armonia)

     Page 1 - introduction

     St Marks

     Doges Palace

     Ven 10 - Alilaguna ticket booth, St Mark's Square, Acqua Alta,

     Ven 11 - St Mark's Square, Acqua Alta, St Mark's Basilica tour

     Ven 12 - St Mark's Basilica tour, Basilica Cattedrale Patriachale di San Marco tour, St Mark's Square, Acqua Alta, Bridge of Sighs, Doge's Palace tour

     Ven 13 - Doge's Palace tour including Bridge of Sighs, St Mark's Square

     Ven 14 - Alilaguna back to ship, Sailing from Venice

     Ven 15 - Sailing from Venice, Sunset, Dinner, Ken Byrne singing, Martina dancing,

06 Tue Oct 20, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 10:00am-7:00pm (Carnival Dream, RCCL Legend OTS)

     Page 1 - Introduction

     Dub 1 - Approaching Dubrovnik, Franjo Tudjman Bridge, Country Home in Konavle tour

     Dub 2 - Country Home in Konavle tour, figs, grappa,

     Dub 3 - Country Home in Konavle tour, entertainment, lunch, Old Town, Walking the Wall

     Dub 4 - Old Town, Walking the Wall, Cafe Buza,

     Dub 5 - Walking the Wall, Old Town,

     Dub 6 - Old Town, back to ship, Lido dinner,

07 Wed Oct 21, Fun Day at Sea - Whew!

     Page 1 - Waterworks, Serenity, Cove Balcony, Dinner

08 Thu Oct 22, Messina, Sicily, Italy, 7:00am-5:00pm (Carnival Dream, MSC Splendida)

     Raimondo Nicita

     Page 1 - Introduction, Taormina map,

     Mess 1 - Approaching Messina, Castelmola,

     Mess 2 - Castelmola,

     Mess 3 - Castelmola to Taormina, Taormina

     Mess 4 - Taormina

     Mess 5 - Taormina

     Mess 6 - Taormina

     Mess 7 - Taormina

     Mess 8 - Taormina, Lunch (Yum), Taormina,

     Mess 9 - Taormina, back to ship, closing of Cove Balcony storm doors,

     Mess 10 - Sailing from Messina, Dinner, Ken Byrne, Martina,

09 Fri Oct 23, Fun Day at Sea

     Page 1

     Page 2

     Page 3

     Page 4

10 Sat Oct 24, Barcelona, Spain, 7:00am-5:00pm (Carnival Dream, Celebrity Century)

     Page 1

     Update = Barcelona is being skipped and replaced with another sea day. We would have preferred a second day in Livorno, but Carnival failed to ask us for our opinion!

     Update Update - We are now scheduled to arrive in Monte Carlo, Saturday Evening and OVERNIGHT there!!!

11 Sun Oct 25, Monte Carlo, Monaco, 9:00am-8:00pm (Carnival Dream)

     Page 1

     Page 2

     Page 3

     Page 4

     Page 5

     Page 6

     Page 7

     Page 8

     Page 9

     Page 10

     Page 11

12 Mon Oct 26, Livorno, Italy, 7:00am-7:00pm (Carnival Dream)

     Page 1   Intro

     Liv 1     Beautiful Tuscany - San Gimignano

     Liv 2     Beautiful Tuscany - San Gimignano

     Liv 3     Beautiful Tuscany - San Gimignano

     Liv 4     Beautiful Tuscany - San Gimignano, Sovestro in Poggio

     Liv 5     Beautiful Tuscany - Sovestro in Poggio, Lunch,

     Liv 6     Beautiful Tuscany - Sovestro in Poggio, Lunch, Volterra

     Liv 7     Beautiful Tuscany - Volterra

     Liv 8     Beautiful Tuscany - Volterra,

     Liv 9     Beautiful Tuscany - Volterra, Carnival Dream, Dinner

13 Tue Oct 27, Civitavecchia, Italy, Arrive 8:00am (Carnival Dream, Crystal Serenity, Celebrity Summit)

     Page 1

     Cabins 1

     Cabins 2

     Cabins 3

     Cabins 4

     Cabins 5

     Cabins 6

     Cabins 7

     Cabins 8

     Civi 1

Carnival Dream Dinner Menus and Food Porn - HERE

    Carnival Dream Breakfast and Lunch Menus

    Bar Menu

    Chef's Art Menu

Carnival Dream Capers - HERE

Stateroom Directory - HERE

Wine Menu - Here

Deck Plan + Pictures - Here

Carnival Dream Laser Show

Carnival Dream Pasta Bar

Carnival Dream Wasabi (Sushi Bar)

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