Noscript this! Carnival Dream Transatlantic Cruise - Oct 27 - Nov 12, 2009

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Carnival Dream Transatlantic Cruise - Oct 27 - Nov 12, 2009 - DONE

Civitavecchia, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Malaga, Las Palmas, King's Wharf, New York

Capers, Menus

The number one question I get is what camera am I using. For this cruise I used a Panasonic FZ35

I use Photoshop Elements to batch process the photos, resizing them to something more reasonable and also auto-fixing colors, etc.


{  NOTE: WE were also on the Mediterranean cruise prior to this - see here: ../GrandMed/index.htm }


Follow the Dream:

There she is!  { Amateur video Carnival Dream sea trials }

Port Weather

Carnival Dream Ship - Staff, Cove Balcony, Ship Features...

Pictorial Guide to Carnival Dream Cove Balconies 

01 Tue Oct 27, Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy, Depart 7pm (Carnival Dream, Crystal Serenity, Celebrity Summit)

     Page 1 Intro

     Cabins 1

     Cabins 2

     Cabins 3

     Cabins 4

     Cabins 5

     Cabins 6

     Cabins 7

     Cabins 8

     Civi 1 Lunch, Ship Shots

     Civi 2  Dinner, Moon

02 Wed Oct 28, Fun Day at Sea

     Page 1 Breakfast, Ship shots, Waterworks

     Page 2 Waterworks, Ship shots, Lunch

     Page 3 Ship shots, Steakhouse, Dinner

03 Thu Oct 29, Barcelona, Spain, 7:00am-6:00pm (Carnival Dream)

     Page 1 Intro

     Bar 1 Montserrat

     Bar 2 Montserrat

     Bar 3 Montserrat

     Bar 4 Montserrat

     Bar 5 Montserrat

     Bar 6 Montserrat

     Bar 7 Lunch, Barcelona from Ship, Dinner

     Bar 8 Dinner, Night Ship shots

04 Fri Oct 30, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, 8:00am-6:00pm (Carnival Dream, Windstar Wind Star)

     Page 1 Into

     Mall 1 Breakfast, Soller and Train Ride

     Mall 2 Soller and Train Ride

     Mall 3 Soller and Train Ride

     Mall 4 Soller and Train Ride

     Mall 5 Soller and Train Ride, Sunset, Dinner

05 Sat Oct 31, Fun Day at Sea and Halloween!

     Sea 0 In room movies, TV Room Service,

     Sea 1 Breakfast, Lunch, Booo, Ice Carving, Pumpkin Carving

     Sea 2 Ship Pictures, Boooo, Tea Time, Dining Rooms pictures

     Sea 3 Stowaway, Sunset

     Sea 4 Halloween Dinner, Halloween Party

     Sea 5 Halloween Party

06 Sun Nov 1, Malaga, Spain, 8:00am-5:00pm (Carnival Dream)

     Page 1 Intro

     Mal 2 Granada of the Moors  (Alhambra)

     Mal 3 Granada of the Moors  (Alhambra)

     Mal 4 Granada of the Moors  (Alhambra)

     Mal 5 Granada of the Moors  (Alhambra)

     Mal 6 Granada of the Moors  (Alhambra)

     Mal 7 Granada of the Moors  (Alhambra)

     Mal 8 Granada of the Moors  (Alhambra)

     Mal 9 Granada of the Moors  (Alhambra), Lunch

     Mal 10 Lunch, Dinner, Goronwy Thom - Comedy Juggler (even if the Capers butchered the name)

07 Mon Nov 2, Fun Day at Sea

     Page 1

08 Tue Nov 3, Las Palmas, Canary Islands 8:00am-6:00pm (Carnival Dream)

     Page 1

     Can 2 HoHo Bus

     Can 3 HoHo Bus

     Can 4 Hoho Bus

     Can 5 HoHo Bus

     Can 6 Walking along Beach

     Can 7 Lunch, A601 ?, Dinner,

09 Wed Nov 4, Fun Day at Sea

     Page 1   Slot Pull  

     Sea 2     Ship Pictures, Sunset, Dinner, Moon shot

     Sea 3     Deck Party

10 Thu Nov 5, Fun Day at Sea

     Page 1   Ship pictures

     Sea 2     Ship pictures

     Sea 3     Ship pictures

     Sea 4     Ship pictures - Page Turner Library, The Gallery, Lower Dream Street, The Chambers, Club 02, The Warehouse, Circle C, Lobby, Fun Hub Internet Pricing

     Sea 5     Ship pictures - Tea Time, Coffee Club

     Sea 6     Dinner

11 Fri Nov 6, Fun Day at Sea

     Page 1     Lunch in  the Supper Club (Steakhouse), Ship pictures

     Sea 2       Dinner, DJ Shannon, Damien Brell

12 Sat Nov 7, Fun Day at Sea

     Page 1     Ship Pictures, Camp Carnival

     Sea 2       2nd Formal Night, Past Guest Party, Funship Freddy, Dinner, Big Cake for the VIPs

13 Sun Nov 8, Fun Day at Sea

     Page 1     Funhub Pictures, A few bumps in the sea, Webcam, Sunset, Blue Frog, Dinner

14 Mon Nov 9, King's Wharf, Bermuda, 9:00am- Overnight (Carnival Dream, RCCL Explorer OTS)

     Page 1     Pictures from the Port Area, Finally a taxi tour

     Page 2     Taxi tour, Fort Scaur

     Page 3     Taxi tour, Fort Scaur, World's Smallest Drawbridge, Golf Course, Farm

     Page 4     Taxi tour, Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

     Page 5     Taxi tour, Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, Pink Sand,  Horseshoe Bay Beach

     Page 6     Taxi tour, Horseshoe Bay Beach, Hamilton

     Page 7     Taxi tour, Hamilton, Churches, End of tour

     Page 8     Snorkel Park, Port Area, Laser Show

     Page 9     Laser Show, Dinner, {must be missing some pics}

15 Tue Nov 10, Kings Wharf, Bermuda, Overnight-12:00pm (Carnival Dream, RCCL Explorer OTS)

     Page 1     Gas attack for John, Port Area, Chickens, Snorkel Park, Dockyard Glassworks, Bermuda Rum Cakes, Victualling Yard

     Page 2     Finally tried Salami and Cheese purchased in San Gimignano Tuscany, Carnival Dream Ship on a Stick

     Page 3     Some Cruise Crackheads, Dinner, Dancin in the Street, New Piano Guy -Vince

16 Wed Nov 11, Fun Day at Sea

     Page 1     Ship pictures, Pasta Bar, Bumpy seas, Tea with John Heald

     Page 2     Dinner, More Blue Frogs

17 Thu Nov 12, New York, New York, Arrive 9:00am - I bet Ken has a song for this port! (Carnival Dream)

     Page 1     Manhattan Cruise Terminal, Intrepid Sea Air & Space Museum, Booted - Boo Hoo, Sheraton Times Square, Local Deli(cious) but missing the Lido

     NYC 2      Munchies at Martha's before Chinese Delivery Dinner (typical NY), Deli(cious) Deli Lunch, Dinner at John's, L.I. house tour, Life Wasn't Meant To Be Spent in a Cubicle

Carnival Dream Menus - Here

    Bar Menu

    Chef's Art Menu

Carnival Dream Capers Here

Stateroom Directory - Here

Wine Menu - Here

Deck Plan + Pictures - Here

Carnival Dream Laser Show

Carnival Dream Pasta Bar

Carnival Dream Wasabi (Sushi Bar)

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