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Carnival Elation cruise, Zydecocruiser pictures of Uxmal

Progreso pg 1  Progreso pg 2 

The group abandoning me, or was it the other way around?  

I decided to take a more scenic route  

Artist's "signature" - the handprint  

A ball court - you can see the endzone seats in the distance  

Not sure if Shaq could dunk here  

Climbing this one is allowed. Hint: walk at an angle  

Sort of like these people but in the other direction. Coming back down, walk like them.  


Just about back to where we began 

Time warp back to Progreso Beach  

Progreso Beach and Shops  

Progreso Beach  - not sure I would go in the water unless to maybe cool off - very cloudy and this was on a good day. But there were some jetskis.  

A Mayan Domino's  

7-11 A hot dog, chips, and a coke for $1.65. Might have reasonable prices on water and sodas  

Is the plural of shrimp shrimp or shrimps? (sometimes in New Orleans it is shrimps). 

Progreso Beach - Elation is at the end of a very long pier 

Back to the mother ship  


Progreso 1  Progreso 2 

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