Noscript this! Progreso - Uxmal Sept 2004

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Carnival Elation cruise, Zydecocruiser pictures of Uxmal

Uxmal pg 1  Uxmal pg 2 

These are from September, 2004

See my pictures from February, 2009 here

Leaving the mother ship in Progreso  

Uxmal is the white speck in the distance - near the center

No idea why they had chicks in a  crate 

Observation deck on top, bathrooms underneath

54km from Merida - I think another 26km to go  

Of course the obligatory Arts and Crap stop  

I'm thinking Bart Simpson was the model 

There is a reason everyone is standing in the shade  


I didn't know iguanas could read?

This one is closed to climbing for now  

My group, walk this way 

Here we go  

To the back 

They could have baked a lot of pizzas in here  


Progreso 1  Progreso 2 

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