Zydecocruiser's Carnival Conquest Cruise, Funship 2.0, 2012 Carnival Conquest Cruise, Nov 25-Dec 2, 2012


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Elizabeth and Bill do Carnival Conquest, Nov 25 - Dec 2, 2012, Fun Ship 2.0!


Carnival Conquest Sail Away in New Orleans


01 New Orleans, Sunday, Nov 25, Embarkation, depart 4pm

     Page1 - Lido, Blue Iguana Tequila Bar, RedFrog Rum Bar, CHOG Warning, Bottomless Bubbles, Guy's Burger Joint, Sweet Spot, Carnival Deli, Comfort Kitchen, Blue Iguana Cantina, Pizza Pirate,

     Page2 - Blue Iguana Cantina, Salsa Bar, Blue Iguana Tequila Bar, Sun Pool, RedFrog Rum Bar, Atrium, Cherry on Top, Tahiti Casino, Impressions Casino Bar, Cruise the Vineyards Wine Packages, Coffee Bar, Taste Bar, Henri's Dance Club, Alchemy Bar, Montmartre Arcade, O2 Club, EA Sports Bar, Sail and Sign Kiosk, Toulouse Lautrec Theatre, Renoir Restaurant, Sunflower Atrium, Monet Dining Room, Coffee and Cappuccino Machines,

     Page3 - Crescent City Connection, Norwegian Star, Fuel Barge, Downtown New Orleans at Night, The World, American Queen Steamboat, the taste bar (Blue Iguana), MDR dinner, Lido at night, Good Eats prep, Launderette, Welcome Aboard Show, Dated Conquest Naming Pictures, 


02 Fun Day at Sea 1, Nov 26, Monday,

     Page1 - Blue Iguana Cantina Breakfast, arepas, Breakfast Burritos, huevos rancheros, Salsa Bar, Conquest Wake, Ship cameras, Jogging track, Funnel, Sky Pool, Shuffleboard, Lido and Panorama Decks, Basketball and Volleyball Courts, Mini-golf,

     Page2 - Lido, Sun Pool, Towel Elephants, Table Tennis, Water Slide Rules, Sun Deck Bar, Spa Deck Balconies, Atrium/Lobby, Punchliner Comedy Brunch, Outside Lobby Deck,

     Page3 - Lido and Panorama Decks, Jogging Track, Balcony 9202, Cabin temperature, Hallway, Red Rum vs Blue Tequila, Wake, Pizza Pirate, Pepperoni Pizza Prosciutto Pizza, Lido Buffet,

     Page4 - Lido Comfort Food, Blue Iguana Cantina, Sun Pool, Guy's Burger Joint, Guy's Burger, Henri's Nightclub VIP, Acting Hotel Director Sundeep, CD Noonan and Wife, Hasbro the Game Show, EA Sports Bar, Alchemy Bar, Atrium Mural, 

     Page5 - Moon, the Taste Bar, Pretzels, Poker/BlackjackPro, Gentry Band in Lobby, Coffee Bar, Fandango Band in Alfred's Bar, Elegant night dinner, Platinum binoculars,


03 Fun Day at Sea 2, Nov 27, Tuesday,

     Page1 - Real secret deck, Lido, Sun Pool, Seaside Theatre, Blue Iguana Tequila Bar Menu, RedFrog Rum Bar, Guy's Burger Joint, Blue Iguana Cantina Open for breakfast, Lido Breakfast Buffet, Sky Pool with roof closed, Lido Breakfast, Drink Machine innards, Punchliner Comedy Brunch, Renoir Restaurant, Cruise the Vineyards Wine Package, Weather Satellite Picture, Montmartre Video Arcade, Alchemy Bar, Lights, Degas Aft Lounge, Monet Dining Room,

Oops - lost a generator - some of the elevators aren't working - supposed to be fixed shortly.

Okay - elevators are all running again.

Tea with the Captain later today and then the VIFP party.

     Page2 - Monet Restaurant, Sunflower Atrium, Sky Pool, Salsa Bar, Sun Pool, RedFrog Rum Bar Menu, Beer Tubes, Top of Atrium, Atrium Mural, VIFP pin, Lobby, Alchemy Bar, District of Sooke, Tea with Captain Francesco La Fauci, VIFP Party, Sushi on Lido, Lido Dinner Buffet, Guy's Burger Joint Burger and Fries, MDR Dinner, Towel animal, Champagne, Ship on a Sick, Chocolate Covered Strawberries,


04 Roatan, Nov 28, Wednesday, 8am - 6pm

     Page1 - Mahogany Bay, Mahogany Beach, Carnival Dream, Magical Flying Beach Chair, Walking to Mahogany Beach, Life Guard, Mahogany Beach Rules, Some Restrooms, Lockers for Rent, Lounge Chairs, Beach Rentals,

     Page2 - Mahogany Beach, Hurricane Hole, Lounge Chairs, Clam Shells, Playa Tortugas, Carnival Dream, Rental Cabanas, Pier, Palapas, El Hideaway, More restrooms, Volleyball,  Limbo, Snorkeling off Mahogany Beach pier, 

Oops - lost some elevators again.

     Page3 - Snorkeling off Mahogany Beach, Mahogany Beach, Mahogany Bay, Lido, Blue Iguana Cantina, Various soft tacos, Guy Fieri's Burger Joint, Sun Pool, Pig Patty, Chili Cheese Fries, Ice cream cones, Sweetener and Tea choices, Forward elevators OTL, the "hill",

Oops update - all are functioning again.

    Page4 - Dream leaving Roatan, Mahogany Bay, Pier Runners, MDR dinner, Frog Towel Animal, Safe, Platinum Gift - Binoculars, Refrigerator, Electrical outlets, CD Noonan and the Deck Party,



05 Belize, Nov 29, Thursday, 8am - 5pm

     Page1 - Room Service Breakfast, BLT, Belize City Tour and Altun Ha,

     Page2 - Belize City Tour and Altun Ha,

     Page3 - Belize City Tour and Altun Ha,

     Page4 - Belize City Tour and Altun Ha, Manuel Book Signing, Tendering, Chocolate Delights, Guy's Burger and Fries, Pepperoni Pizza, Room Service, The Taste Bar, Chef's Table Menu, MDR dinner, Towel animal,


06 Cozumel, Nov 30, Friday, 9am - 5pm

     Page1 -  Moon, Puerta Maya, Ferry, Carnival Magic, Puerta Maya Taxi Rates, Chankanaab Taxi Rates, Chankanaab,  Chankanaab Maps, Dolphin Pens, Dolphins, Swimming Pool, Swimming Lagoon, Snorkel and Diving Area, some lockers, Restaurant, Beach,

     Page2 - Chankanaab, Hammock, Snorkeling Area, Free Life Vests, Volleyball, Snorkel and Dive Shops, Swim Platform, Ironshore, Life Guard, Lost and Found, Free Dolphin Presentation & Manatee Exhibition, Showers, (free) Sea Lion Show,

     Page3 - Chankanaab,  (free) Sea Lion Show,

     Page4 - Chankanaab, (free) Sea Lion Show,

     Page5 - Chankanaab, (free) Sea Lion Show,

     Page6 - Chankanaab, Dolphins, Pool, Showers, Pool (and swim up) bar, Meeting Point for Dolphin, Manatee, and Sea Lion (free) shows,

     Page7 - Chankanaab, Snorkeling,

     Page8 - Chankanaab, Puerta Maya, Carnival Magic, Carnival Conquest, Attitube Adjustment, Guy's Burger Joint, Pizza Pirate, Pepperoni Pizza, Prosciutto Pizza, Sail Away Parties,

     Page9 - Sail Away, Lido by Night, RedFrog Rum Bar, Blue Iguana Tequila Bar, MDR Dinner, Coffee Bar, Lido by Night,


07 Fun Day at Sea 3, Dec 1, Saturday,

     Page1 - Punchliner Comedy Brunch, Painters' Library, Coffee Bar, Book Onboard Promotion, Fish and Chips, Lido Buffet, Sky Pool and Hot tubs, Wake, Jogging Track, Funnel, Panorama and Lido Decks, Old Topless Deck, Basketball and Volleyball courts, Funnel and Mini-Golf, Sun Pool, Aft Ice Cream and Yogurt, Deli Menu, 

     Page2 - Chocolate Buffet Vestige?, Fish and Chips, Ships on Sticks, Medals, EA Sports Bar, Alchemy Bar, Oil Rig, the Taste Bar - RedFrog Pub, MDR Dinner, Punchliner Comedy Club, Jogging Track and Funnel at Night,


08 New Orleans, Dec 2, Sunday, booted 8am

     Page1 - Harbor Seafood, Yum!


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     Punchiner Comedy Brunch

     Taste Bar 

     MDR Dinner Menus and Food Porn 

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