Zydecocruiser's Carnival Conquest Cruise, 2011 Carnival Conquest Cruise New Orleans November 13-20, 2011


Carnival Conquest Back Home in New Orleans

Conquest leaving NOLA

Elizabeth and Zydecocruiser do the FIRST sailing of Carnival Conquest after she returns home to New Orleans - Nov 13-20, 2011


Cruise Weather


New Orleans - Pre-cruise

     Page1 - Flight into Naw Linns, MSY, Taxi Rates, Rush It, Galatoire's, Tony!


01 - Sun, Nov 13, 2011, New Orleans - Embarkation, -4pm and Geaux Saints!!

     Page1 - Port and River Cams, Downtown NOLA, Acme Oyster To Geaux, Parking, Check-in, Conquest finally arrives,

     Page2  - Cruise Terminal, Carnival Conquest, Geaux Saints, Beignets, Finally on the ship, Stateroom,

     Page3  - Moon, MDR dinner, Sail Away


02 - Mon, Nov 14, 2011, Sea Day 1 - 1st Elegant Night

     Page1 - Thermometer, From Balcony, Morning Show, MDR Breakfast, Wine Package, Monet, Sunflower, Alfred's, Internet Cafe, The Gallery, Renoir MDR, Pissaro Room, Cassat Room, DOD, Drink Specials, Atriium, Shore Excursions, Atrium Bar, Guest Services, ThirstyFrog Red, Toulouse-Lautrec Lounge, Balcony,

     Page2 - Balcony, Toulouse-Lautrec Lounge, Atrium Bar, Gauguin's, Club 02, Sushi Bar, Henri's Disco, Latour Bar, Mini Martini Tasting, Blues Piano Bar, Degas Lounge, Vincent's, Sunflower, Henri's, Formalities, Funshops, Photos, Lobby Bar, Atrium, Seaside Theatre, Towel Hut, Lido, Ice Cream/Yogurt,  Wine Tasting,

     Page3 - Wine Tasting (Point Steakhouse), Lido, Funnel, Jogging Track, Shuffleboard, Sky Pool, Wake, Sur Mer (Fish n' Chips), Lido cookies/desserts, Lido Stage, Lido, Slide, Magnetic Hooks, Stateroom, Lido, Lunch Sur Mer, Pizza Menu, Deli Menu, Turkey on a Country Roll,

     Page4 - Lobby Band, Henri's, MDR Dinner, Blues Piano Bar, Comedy Club, Henri's, Casino, Voila Paris, Platinum Pin, Platinum Gift, John on the John,


03 - Tues, Nov 15, 2011, Sea Day 2 -

     Page1 - Lido, Ping Pong, Kiddie Pool, Sun Deck Bar, Lido Stage, Slide, Chess, Jogging Track, Basketball / Volleyball Court, Funnel, Stars (Slide) Pool,

     Page2 - Mini Golf, Shuffleboard, Funnel, Volleyball/Basketball Court, Sky Pool, Fish n' Chips, Restaurant Cezanne,  Sky Bar, Pizzaria, Grill, Restaurant Cezanne, Deli, Lido/SurMer Breakfast/Lunch, Mongolian Wok, Grill,

     Page3 - Grill Menu, Lido, Ice Carving, Funship Freddy, Bridge, Dolphins!,

     Page4 - Wine/Fruit/Cheese Basket, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Can-O-Peas (canapes), Sushi Bar, Henri's, Montmartre (Video Games/Arcade), Sushi Menu,  Casino Bandstand, Sunset, Ship Coin, Slide Rules, Disposal of Room service tray, Lido at dusk and night, MDR dinner, Atrium band and dancers,


04 - Wed, Nov 16, 2011, Belize - 8am-5pm

     Page1 - Bridge, Tenders, Kicking up mud, Tendering, Ship from tender, Fort Street Tourism Village, Coral Breeze/Hammerhead Watersports Shark/Ray Snorkeling and Caye Caulker Excursion,

     Page2 - Coral Breeze/Hammerhead Watersports Shark/Ray Snorkeling and Caye Caulker Excursion, Snorkeling part, Green Moray, Shark/Ray part,

     Page3 - Coral Breeze/Hammerhead Watersports Shark/Ray Snorkeling and Caye Caulker Excursion, Sharks and Rays, Lunch on Caye Caulker, Tender back to ship

     Page4 - Room Service (Chocolate Cake, Vegetable Sticks, Roast Beef on French), Lido, Sushi Bar, Sushi Menu, MDR Dinner. Elvis, Lido at Night,


05 - Thurs, Nov 17, 2011, Roatan (Mahogany Bay) - 7am-4pm

     Page1 - Mahogony Bay, the Hill, Victor Bodden Best of Roatan Tour, Honduran Furniture stop, West Beach,

     Page2 - Victor Bodden Best of Roatan Tour, Boat Snorkel, Blue Channel,

     Page3 - Victor Bodden Best of Roatan Tour, Boat Snorkel, Blue Channel, Stanley Submarine,

     Page4 - Victor Bodden Best of Roatan Tour, Stone Castle Cameo Factory, Coxen Hole, Mahogony Bay, Conquest, Lido, Lido/Sur Mer Lunch, Mahogony Bay

     Page5 - Cafe Fans (Coffee Bar), Sushi Menu, MDR Dinner, It's Showtime!, Cafe Fans, Promenade, Atrium, Chocolate Delights,


06 - Fri, Nov 18, 2011, Cozumel - 9am-5pm

     Page1 - Docked at International Pier, Lido Breakfast, Lido Drinks, Lido Food Map, Sky Pool, Sky Bar, Mexican Mamma DOD, Grill Menu, Atrium, Toulouse-Lautrec Lounge, Overexposed Margaritaville, Punta Langosta area, Post Office, Walking Along the Waterfront,

     Page2 - Cozumel, San Miguel, Walking Along the Waterfront, Various Monuments, Fresh Fish, Pilot House, Wet Wendy's, Clock Tower,

     Page3 - Clock Tower,  Mopeds can be hazardous, Taxi Rates from International Pier, Carnival Conquest, Freedom of the Seas, International Pier, Launderette, Grill, Cookies, Teas, Sweeteners, Carnival Magic sailing from Cozumel,

     Page4 - MDR Dinner, It's Showtime!, Blues Piano Bar, Lobby Stage and Musicians, Cd Paul Santley, Lido Deck Party,


07 - Sat, Nov 19, 2011, Sea Day 3 -

     Page1 - Tissue, MDR Breakfast, The Gallery, ATM, Blues Piano Lounge, Degas Lounge, Coffee Bar, FCC Kiosk, Casino Bar, PokerPro, Photo Gallery, Fun Shops, Painter's Library, Lobby, Galley Tour, Pissaro Room, Outside Promenade, Circle "C", Renoir Restaurant, Sunflower, Monet Restaurant,

     Page2 - Monet Restaurant, Painter's Library, Photo Gallery, Cassat Room, Salon, Spa, Gym, Atrium, TV Channels,

     Page3 - Spa, Liquor, Room Service (BLT, Turkey, Cheesecake, Club!, Oil Rig, Night Lido, Sushi Menu, Sushi Bar, Blues Piano Lounge, Degas Lounge, MDR Dinner, Maitre d' Elvis,


08 - Sun, Nov 20, 2011, New Orleans - Debarkation - 8am

     Page1 - Confiscated liquor/etc,  Degas Lounge, Harbor Seafood, Mike Anderson's


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