New Orleans, Mandina's, Greek Festival, Erato street cruise terminal

Mandina's in New Orleans is BACK!!!

 {Mr. B's is another one that has finally reopened after Katrina }

Much has changed, but it still is reminiscent of old. Flat screen TVs, now!


I discovered a new festival.


The Bayou Boogaloo Festival!


A couple of music stages were going. Also food (of course) and assorted vendors.


Canoeing on Bayou St John


Some people waiting for a streetcar near the New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA)


The current exhibit at NOMA


Also happening this weekend was the Annual Greek Festival - Yum!


Passing by NOMA again...


The streetcar stop near NOMA


Anglo Brocato - YUM

nearby is Venezia


The two make a good combination


Headed downtown - Marriott and Sheraton on Canal Street


Audubon Aquarium of the Americas


Hilton Riverside


Riverwalk and the Convention Center


Marriott at the Convention Center


Holiday Inn Express Convention Center


Hertz location at Convention Center


Hampton Inn Convention center


Mississippi River Bridge (Crescent City Connection)


Approaching the new Erato Street cruise ship terminal


Erato Street terminal


$14/parking, but directly on top of the terminal.


Old Julia Street terminals are adjacent




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