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Dragos Restaurant, Metairie (New Orleans)

NOTE: There is now another Drago's location at Hilton Riverside, Downtown New Orleans!!!

Friday nights dinner was at Drago's and was excellent as always. No where near the French Quarter, it is in an area that used to be known as (maybe still is) Fat City - about 6 miles or so from downtown New Orleans.


And it was packed! Had about a 45 minute wait. So most hung out with some friends in the parking lot until they called our table.

One of the reasons people like to come here:

Drago's Raw Oysters

Professionals at work - do not attempt this at home!

Charbroil some of those puppies for me!

Now you're cooking (and the reason I make a pilgrimage here - home of charbroiled oysters}

The picture doesn't do them justice - they are to DIE for. YUM!

Drago's Charbroiled Oyserts

Followed up with bbq shrimp (I forget what they are listed on the menu as - maybe Crescent City Shrimp?) By that time, I was so into eating that I forgot all about taking pictures, but they were very tasty with more french bread to sop up all the pepper butter sauce your arteries could stand. Yum!


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