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Ok, where do we start - I guess here. Flew from Phx to Mia on Friday Mar 31 on American Airlines and managed to make it to Miami as did my luggage. Took Super Shuttle to Fort Lauderdale Renaissance - $31 + tip. Thought it was well worthwhile to not have to drive during rush hour which would have been a real pain.

Hotel was $80 + tax on Priceline and great. Decided to let Bellman assist with luggage which was fortunate. Everyone was polite and professional as I checked in, but then there was a glitch. The room I had been assigned (606) was dirty and it looks like no one had even though of cleaning it up. Dick was right on it - got on a house phone and got a new room assignment for me. We went directly there and he let me in with his pass key, they went to pick up new keys from front desk. Easiest a hotel mistake has ever been resolved for me.

Made obligatory liquor, water, soda run from Publix and Total Wine. Total Wine was HUGE.

Discovered free lemonade in Lobby a little late, but it was tasty. Also disappeared before I could return to take picture. Boo. Forgot to look this morning.

Got diner to go from a little Bistro that seemed too popular to pass up - Giorgio's. Would like to try some of the real food there sometime - Crab cakes and cheesecakes looked great. Was tempted to get a pizza from the wood-fired oven or a blackened chicken salad, but knew there would be unlimited pizza and caesar salad for the next 8 days. Ended up with a prosciutto, genoa salami, mozzarella, smoked ham, roasted peppers and olive oil sandwich - yum!

Took a taxi to the pier - about $9 + tip and beat the heck pout of taking a shuttle bus.

FLL Liberty has VIP boarding for platinum et al and it was GREAT. Beat all the masses. Was onboard in my cabin before noon and stuffed not long after.

One bag was delivered to room and half the bar unpacked before 3pm - as of mustard drill (sic) rest of the bar had not been delivered. Have seen some of Randy's bunch, some Frequent Floaters, and some of the Singles Groups. One couple got an award for the most luggage - 14 pieces for 2 people!

And we seem to be off. Hope we don't hit that freighter!


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009: Carnival Liberty -

009a: Carnival Liberty -

Love VIP / Platinum / Etc Boarding..


010: Carnival Liberty -


011: Carnival Liberty -

Of course the obligatory 1st day double meat Reuben and Fried Oysters. Some cruise critters. Nothing on the F-deck to see, yet.

012: Carnival Liberty -

013: Carnival Liberty -

014: Carnival Liberty -

014a: Carnival Liberty -

015: Carnival Liberty -

016: Carnival Liberty -

That must be to order more drinks or CPR...

017: Carnival Liberty -

I spy a webcam...

018: Carnival Liberty -

Dagnabit - I want a do over for dinner last night. Have the chicken satay, gazpacho, and NY
steak, all of which were very good, but meant to get - perhaps also, perhaps in lieu of,
the sweet and sour shrimp. Ok, no pizza after 6pm tonight. Actually nothing at all because
the Captains Party is tonight and I'm sure there will also be Prime Rib and Lobstah for
dinner. Oops - think tonight is also one of the nights that petite fours and canapes are
delivered to the cabin - another Platinum perk.


019: Carnival Liberty -

Already had confirmed with Carnival about the shareholder's shipboard credit, but they left a note in my cabin indicating the same last night.

Dang Daylight Savings - lost an hour of the cruise last night. May have to rebook in the
fall to make up for it.

Ship is going over 22 knots so don't seem to be any problems with the electrical, knock on

Now that's a big bottle of scotch!

020: Carnival Liberty -
{4.5 liter}


Went looking for some of the cruise critters, but they weren't where I expected to find

021: Carnival Liberty -
{Camp Carnival}

Did ok in the casino last night - ok as in Won some, but not huge, in both sessions.

022: Carnival Liberty -
{poker table}

Reminds me - I need to get them to take some of their junk out of my refrigerator, or maybe
I can wedge some stuff in there.

023: Carnival Liberty -

024: Carnival Liberty -

Harry's looked pretty much dead last night everytime I passed by - maybe Carnival needs to offer a discount on the first night to get people in.

Sprint PCS phones don't seem to be able to roam on the ship. Should be able to pick up some
more free Internet time in San Juan and St Thomas, and perhaps Tortola if I get up high
enough on the ship.

Ok, need to plan dinner mo' better.

Think tonight it will be Gulf shrimp cocktail, West Indian Pumpkin soup, Maybe a Caesar or
Tossed Salad, Lobster and Prime Rib. Desserts don't look that great at the moment - Apple
Pie and Tiramisu look like the best choices on the TV screen.

Ok, sunshine - time to get up! Are those spots on the window or my eyeballs?

025: Carnival Liberty -


Sea day today and most of tomorrow - the San Juan tomorrow night. Going to try the Legends of PR night tour!

026: Carnival Liberty -
That looks so tempting...

027: Carnival Liberty -
Could Carnival be buying Disney next ?!?!

Some info:
Total Wine & More, a 40-store, Maryland-based chain, has opened its first South Florida
store at 1906 Cordova Rd., Fort Lauderdale, boasting more than 8,000 wines, 2,000 spirits
and 1,000 beers; 954-828-9463.
Email: twfortlauderdale@totalwine.com
In the same building as the new Publix.

Some other choices:
67 Liquors
1317 Se 17th St
Fort Lauderdale, FL zip code
Phone: (954) 767-9099

Crown Wine & Spirits - 1.6 miles SE - 1645 Cordova Rd, Fort Lauderdale, 33316 - (954)

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