Hurricane Katrina New Orleans 2005

For those wondering, all of the New Orleans tourist areas and convention areas are fine and have been for some time. You can visit New Orleans, have a great time, and never see any of the devastation that still remains. There is still plenty to see and do and more restaurants are open now than before Katrina!

There is still years of work left to do. But it is getting done. Slowly, but surely. Many thanks to the number of volunteers who still continue to help.

For any who are interested, here are some pictures of my Mom�s house before Katrina:

When we were first allowed back in:
Mom�s house

Sister�s house

I decided I wanted to get a closer look at what tried to kill my city. Where the levee broke on the 17th Street Canal:

After we had recovered what we could think of and called the strippers in:

Some pictures from the Lakefront area - mostly West End Park:
/katrina/nola dec 2005 lakefront

But it is not all doom and gloom. Here are some pictures from New Orleans New Year�s Eve, 2005 - just a few months after Katrina:

And again, from NYE 2007 - I don�t think any more people could have fit in the French Quarter:

Something associated with New Orleans that we all know and love - FOOD!
/nola/food/food.htm   mostly superseded by here: LouisianaFood

Think I need to schedule another trip soon so I can get my fix!

Thanks yall!

P.S. Wasn�t sure where to put this, but Carnival helped with some temporary shelter for the first responders. Two Carnival ships in New Orleans just look so natural!


Mississippi and other states were also affected by Katrina, with the Mississippi Gulf Coast taking a direct strike. Here are some pictures from a visit to Mississippi about a year after Katrina: Click Here



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