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Venice - 50 cent Gondola ride !


Some 18 wheelers for the famous couple from Alabama


Venice - Grand Canal Waterbus ride approaching Rialto Bridge


Venice - Long video of similar waterbus Grand Canal ride


Approaching Dubrovnik things weren't looking so good...


A number of fools even slept on the way... But the thought of alcohol woke many up and we had the tour.


Add a little juice and things went from 0 to 100 decibels in no time...


In Katakolon, we were treated to an ancient mating ritual first introduced by Poseidon


Afterwards, the little ship that could seemed proud as a peacock and enjoyed a smoke.


We received our first Greek lesson from Gemma - an excellent guide - on our way to Olympia


Athens - Changing of the Guard


In Izmir, after a wonderful lunch, we were given demo of how carpets are made and what determines the value


If working 25 hours a day wasn't enough, some of the staff had to dance for us, too. Some were pretty darn good.. I should have traded for one of those hats!



And I guess I'll let Ken our Maitre d' close the videos out with an appropriate song...



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  Freedom Home  {and more Freedom pics}