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Carnival Fantasy, New Orleans

Hotel Intercontinental, Mother's Restaurant, Mandina's Restaurant

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Jazz Brunch at Hilton


For the second night I switched to the Intercontinental which I got on Priceline cheap. I LIKE this hotel. Not in the French Quarter but only a few blocks from it and on the St Charles streetcar line. Everyone was friendly and shortly after I was in my room they even called to make sure everything was fine with the room! I don't remember that ever happening anywhere else.

Hotel Intercontinental, New  Orleans 1

Why would a hotel in New Orleans have a scale in the bathroom (one reason - I think it was light)

Hotel Intercontinental, New  Orleans 2

Hotel Intercontinental, New  Orleans 3

Hotel Intercontinental, New  Orleans 4

Hotel Intercontinental, New  Orleans 5

Hotel Intercontinental, New  Orleans 6

Hotel Intercontinental, New  Orleans 7

Hotel Intercontinental, New  Orleans 8

Hotel Intercontinental, New  Orleans 9

Hotel Intercontinental, New  Orleans 11


World Famous Mother's Restaurant...

Mother's Restaurant, New Orleans 1

Mother's Restaurant, New Orleans 2

Mother's Restaurant, New Orleans 3

Mother's Restaurant, New Orleans 4

Mother's Restaurant, New Orleans 5

Mother's Restaurant, New Orleans 6

Mother's Restaurant, New Orleans 7


I got my red beans cookin'

Mother's Restaurant, New Orleans, Red Beans, Rice

Mother's Restaurant, New Orleans 8

Mother's Restaurant, New Orleans 9

Mother's Restaurant, New Orleans 10

The world famous Ferdi at world famous Mother's. Yum. Roast beef, ham, debris, gravy, and more.

Mother's Restaurant, Famous Ferdi Special poboy

Restaurant August

The world's smallest A&P grocery store. Compact, but they have lots of stuff including liquor, beer, wine, and water.

Note: This is now Rouse's

A poor picture of the Carousel Bar at the Monteleone.

World Famous Mandina's!

Mandina's Restaurant, New Orleans


Hmm. Wonder what I'm going to have...

Mandina's Restaurant, New Orleans

Mandina's Restaurant Bar, New Orleans

Salad with blue cheese and some nice warm buttered New Orleans french bread.

Mandina's New Orleans Good Booze, Great Bread, and Nice Salad with Blue Cheese


TaDa - a nice, fat soft-shell crab almandine

Mandina's New Orleans - Fried Softshell Crab Almandine


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