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Grand Princess, Cozumel, Zydecocruiser

Having developed electrical problems after visiting Grand Cayman, Grand Princess was late arriving in Cozumel. I managed to get most things on my list done, but as always, there was not enough time for everything nor time enough at each stop. Plus daylight ran out too soon!

There were 6 six ships in town - I think maybe a record breaker since Wilma.

The lighthouse still seems to be missing its noggin

Several parasailing boats were zipping around...

A number of different size and shape tenders were used...

International pier...

Poor Puerta Maya...


We tendered into what was left of Puerta Maya...

Pancho's at Puerta Maya is open

Some of the shops are open and many are being worked on...

Looking back at the cruise ships where a pier used to be...

Lots of boats tourist ready!

Ron Jon's is open

Of course DI would be open

Not all is gone...

Fat Tuesday is open at Puerta Maya

The DJ booth is a little primitive, but quite functional..

Lots of construction going on

Cinco Soles is open at Puerta Maya

OK, enough - Santa needs to deliver some goodies before they melt - or break my back - whichever comes first. Off to Paradise Beach. Seem to be lots of rental cars available...

There was a lot of green popping out of vegetation that had be stripped bare.

Perhaps these are the go karts where they serve cheap beer and then let you go tear up the track?

San Francisco Beach is open

As is Paradise Beach

Think that is the new bathrooms that are probably finished by now...

A stretch limo is Cozumel ? Sheeesh...

The temp facilities - maybe gone by now?

The Bar is OPEN...

The PB shop with a genuine celebrity helping out today.

Twas crowded is parts this day.

Oops - think that one belongs to the club next door...

Back at PB

Not being much of a beach person, I sat at the bar.

Two celebrities in the shot...

Yes, they have pineapples...

I wanted to get some snorkeling in so headed off to Playa Palancar

Some reconstruction going on here.

The kitchen

It was kind of crowded here - for Palancar.

Interesting. Are those sandbags?

Several boats/operators either stopped or operated out of here

Would hate for this to be my house.

They have a screened in eating area

I'm wondering if my snorkel tour will ever leave or if it will go at all. I'm been just hanging out for about an hour and have quite the buzz going.

Decide to try snorkeling off the beach - a little tough on bare feet walking out. Ouch.

Lots of babies

That would turn out to be my snorkel boat - actually a combined snorkel/scuba boat.

But first more waiting.

Didn't see any takers

Finally underway!

The pool is OPEN - oops - looks like I beat the guide in.


An out of focus crab in the center.

A blue snorkel guide fish

Sun is going down fast.

Beach is looking a little empty.

Anywho got back to Palancar and then back to Paradise Beach for an incredible sunset.

Name those celebrities!

PB Tom and Coz Sally

The sunset just kept getting better and better.

All's quiet now

ok, enough of the sunset...

Pancho's looked like it had closed for the evening.

Didn't have to wait long for a tender.

MUTS was going strong

And tonight was lobster night. Couldn't wait to get cleaned up...

Until next time, Cozumel...


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