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The plan is to take a picture a day and post in this section. Since I'm sure that will be an epic fail, maybe when I take a picture, I will take more than one and so can maybe average 1 per day and post here. Thoughts are it will mostly be animals, but could include plants, food, sky, cruises, concerts, who knows.


April, 2018

   Week of 4/15/2018 (click on for larger)


Ape (lItalian for bee) like the little vehicle Poofy Poofy Vespa (Italian for wasp) - like the scooter Ape Toes
Vespa Vespa Lester Kuching drinking Kuching Drinking
Vespa Vespa Zampe (Italian for paw) Claude Davis Crinum Lily (in theory) Claude Davis Crinum Lily (in theory)
Puple Flower Purple Flower Yellow Flower Yellow Flower White Flower

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   Week of 4/22/2018

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   Week of 4/29/2018 

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