Zydecocruiser's Carnival Sunshine Cruise, May 17-26, 2013 Carnival Sunshine Cruise, May 17-26, 2013

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Carnival Sunshine Cruise, May 17-26, 2013,


Carnival Destiny to Carnival Sunshine Transformation

The Admiral's Webcam - NOT

Carnival Sunshine AIS Data:




Carnival Sunshine Time:



John Heald- Hello Bill. The Senior Officers are; Captain Giuseppe Giusa
Chief Engineer Giovanni Lombardo - Hotel Director Carlos Santos De Melo
Noonan is the CD and the Maitre Ds are Ken Byrne and Jayaram Jogi




() = still a work in progress



     Page1 - BCN Airport, Parking Lot "G", View from our hotel (Tryp Barcelona Airport) window, Room Service Tryp Club Sandwich,

Friday, May 17, Barcelona, Embarkation, d 5pm

     Page1 - Pictures from hotel window, Hotel mini-bar prices, First glimpse of Carnival Sunshine, Our balcony stateroom, View from Balcony, Stateroom bathroom, Thermostat, Hair Dryer, Safe, Platinum Pin, Room Service Menu, Internet Access, Balcony Partition Fastener, Electrical Outlets, Atrium, Cabin Door 9178, 9182, Inside Stateroom 11006, New Balcony Pictures,

     Page2 - New Balcony Pictures, Serenity, Pool, Whirlpool, Waterfall, Bar, Ship Coin, Lido Pool, Whirlpools, RedFrog Rum Bar, Blue iguana Tequila Bar, Barcelona Cruise Terminal, Funnel, Ropes Course, Waterslides,

     Page3 - Waterslides, Water Park, Ping Pong, Coke Machines, Basketball Court, Ropes Course, Funnel, Sports Square, Sea Dogs, Table Football, Giant Chess, Pool Table, Ropes Course Lockers, Jogging Track,  Lido, Whirlpools, Serenity,

     Page4 - Lido, Camp Carnival, Circle C, Club O2, Funnel, RedFrog Rum Bar, Blue Iguana Tequila Bar, Serenity, DJ, Blue Iguana Cantina, Cheers Program, Bottomless Bubbles, Guy's Burger Joint, Soft Serve Ice Cream and Yogurt, Lido Marketplace, Desert Station, Salad Bar,

     Page5 - Lido Marketplace, Beer Station, Cucina del Capitano, JiJi, Havana Bar, Havana Bar Lunch Snacks, Carnival Deli, Guy's Burger Joint, Bottomless Bubbles, Guy's Burger Joint Pig Patty, Hot Chocolate Machine, Restaurant Dessert Station, Carnival Destiny Bell, Atrium, Cloud 9 Spa,

     Page6 - Cloud 9 Spa, Gym, Hallway, Deck 6 Forward Observation Area, 4J Window, Carnival Sunshine Bell, Bridge, Bench, Lions,

     Page7 - Lifeboat, Bridge, Sunshine Casino, Shake Spot, JavaBlue, Fun Hub, The Taste Bar, Ocean Plaza, Alchemy Bar, RedFrog Pub, Future Cruise Desk, Casino Bar, Atrium and Lobby Bar, EA Sports Bar, Cherry on Top, The Warehouse Arcade, Euro ATM, Liquid Lounge, The Taste Bar List of Featured Restaurants, The Taste Bar, Havana Bar, Meet and Greet, Cucina del Capitano, Ji Ji Asian Kitchen, Pizzeria del Capitano, Making, Baking and Tossing Pizzas,

     Page8 - Bridge, MDR Dinner, Outside Promenade at Night, Destiny Builder's Plate, JavaBlue, Coffee-Lovers and Shake-Lovers Rewards Cards, RedFrog Pub, Zach Majors, Ocean Plaza, Rock and Roll Time Machine, Limelight Lounge, Karaoke, Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse, Piano Bar 88, The Library Bar, Lobby Bar, Carnival Senior Photographer Radu, Liquid Lounge, Welcome Aboard Show with CD Noonan,



Saturday, May 18, Marseilles, 8am - 5pm

     Page1 - Marseilles, Room Service BLT, Liquid Lounge, Châteauneuf  Du Pape & Avignon Tour, Pont Saint-Bénezet, also known as Pont d'Avignon, Palace of the Popes, Cathedral Our Lady of the Doms, Notre Dame des Doms, Avignon Cathedral, Espace Jeanne Laurent, Musee du Petit Palais,  Jardin des Doms, the bridge again,

     Page2 - Châteauneuf  Du Pape & Avignon Tour, Cathedral Our Lady of the Doms, Notre Dame des Doms, Avignon Cathedral, Palace of the Popes, Lunch at La Civette Restaurant, Chateauneuf du Pape Vineyards, Wine Tasting, Ship on a Stick, Restocked Amenities Basket,

     Page3 - Ship, Leaving Port, Atrium and Lobby Bar, Officers, Elegant Night, MDR Dinner, TV GPS, Havana Bar, Dancing, Waterslides at Night, Funnel, Ropes Course, Lido, Serenity,


Sunday, May 19, La Spezia, 8am - 8pm {was Genoa, 8am - 6pm}

     Page1 - Arriving in La Spezia, Fruit Basket Breakfast,  Docked, Liquid Lounge, Ship, Cinque Terre Tour, Manarola, Riomaggiore, Ape,

     Page2 - Cinque Terre Tour, Ape, Manarola, Riomaggiore, Clock Tower, Church of San Lorenzo,

     Page3 - Cinque Terre Tour, Manarola, Riomaggiore, Clock Tower, Train Station, Vernazza,

     Page4 - Cinque Terre Tour, Vernazza, Clock Tower, Church of Santa Margherita d'Antiochia, Train Station, Monterosso, Train Station,

     Page5 - Cinque Terre Tour, Monterosso, Torre Aurora, Old Town Beach, Clock Tower, Mortis Et Orationis Oratory, Black Confraternity, Church of San Giovanni Battista,

     Page6 - Cinque Terre Tour, Monterosso, Mortis Et Orationis Oratory, Black Confraternity, Church of San Giovanni Battista, Torre Aurora, Gelato, Old Town Beach,

     Page7 - Cinque Terre Tour, Monterosso, Old Town Beach, Train Station, La Spezia, Ship, Guy's Burger Joint Pig Patty, 

     Page8 - Ship, Pilot Boat, MDR Dinner, Ken Byrne, Liquid Lounge, Hasbro Game Show, Guest Services Desk, Towel Animal,


Monday, May 20, Livorno, 7am - 7pm

    Page1 - ,, Pisa, ()

     Page2 - Pisa,, ()

     Page3 - San Gimignano, ()

     Page4 - San Gimignano, ()

     Page5 - San Gimignano, Fattoria il Plano San Gimignano, Carlesi Zucconi Family Winery, ()

     Page6 - Fattoria il Plano San Gimignano, Carlesi Zucconi Family Winery, ()

     Page7 - Fattoria il Plano San Gimignano, Carlesi Zucconi Family Winery, ()

     Page8  - Ship, ()


Tuesday, May 21, Civitavecchia/Rome, 7am - 7:30pm

     Page1 - Ship, Beautiful Bracciano and Orsini Castle Tour, ()

     Page2 - Beautiful Bracciano and Orsini Castle Tour, ()

     Page3 - Beautiful Bracciano and Orsini Castle Tour, ()

     Page4 - ...,,, Pizzeria del Capitano, ()

     Page5 - Pizzeria del Capitano (Pizza Assembly, Menu, Ovens, Pepperoni, Quattro Formaggi, Funghi Pizzas), Lido Marketplace, Beer Station, Havana Bar, Camp Carnival, Serenity, Lido, Whirlpools, Pool, HC thing to Mini Golf, Ping Pong, Shuffleboard, Sea Dog Stand, Coke Machines, Elevator Buttons, A Study in Coke Machine,

     Page6 - Cabin Steward, Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse Dinner, Guest Services Desk, MDR Wine by the Glass and Wine Packages, Towel Animal, Cabin Temperature,


Wednesday, May 22, Naples, 7am - 7pm

     Page1 - Arriving in Naples,  Cruise Port, Mount Vesuvius, Taste Bar Breakfast Station, Our Balcony, Leisurely Sorrento Tour, Mount Vesuvius, Famous Beach, Hotel Bikini, Hotel Oriente

     Page2 - Leisurely Sorrento Tour, Unknown statue, Mister Dash, Sorrento Train Stop, Cuomo's Lucky Store, Henrik Ibsen Bust,

     Page3 - Leisurely Sorrento Tour, ()

     Page4 - Leisurely Sorrento Tour, ()

     Page5 - Leisurely Sorrento Tour, Ship, ()

     Page6 - Ship, ()

     Page7 - Ship, ()

     Page8 - Ship, ()

     Page9 - Ship, ()


 Thursday, May 23, Messina, 8am - 5pm

     Page1 - Ship, Taormina on your Own tour, ()

     Page2 - Taormina on your Own tour, ()

     Page3 - Taormina on your Own tour, Ship, ()

     Page4 - Ship, ()

     Page5 - ,,, Launderette, ... ()


Friday, May 24, Sea Day, Finally!,

     Page1 - Taste Bar Breakfast, Punchliner Brunch, Guest Services, Fun Shops, Ship Model, Cigarettes, Stateroom Decorations, Serenity, Lido, Sunset Restaurant, Lobby Bar, Atrium, Cherry on Top, Shake Spot,

     Page2 - JavaBlue Cafe, Ocean Plaza Taste Bar Lunch, Sea Dogs, Sports Square, Kids Play Area, Funnel, Jogging Track, Lido, Waterpark, SplashZone, Waterslides, Wake, Bridge, Forward Observation Area, Afternoon Tea,

     Page3 - Gold/Platinum/Diamond Party, Wash and Fold, Chocolate Delights, MDR Dinner, Lobby Dancers,


Saturday, May 25, Palma de Mallorca, 8am - 5pm

     Page1 - Ship, Bellver Castle, Palma Cathedral, Ship, Lexington Blue, 2 Stops Shuttle, ()

     Page2 - Bellver Castle,

     Page3 - Bellver Castle,

     Page4 - Bellver Castle, View of Carnival Sunshine,

     Page5 - View of Carnival Sunshine, Bellver Castle, Wedding Party, City Center, Palma Cathedral, The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma, La Seu,

     Page6 - City Center, Palma Cathedral, The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma, La Seu, Mallorca SenseFam, Hard Rock Cafe, Fish and Chips Palma,

     Page7 -  City Center, Palma Cathedral, The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma, La Seu,,Guy's Burger Joint Pig Patty,

     Page8 - Cucina Del Capitano, Pizzeria Del Capitano Lunch, Lido, JiJi, Gift from DDD,

     Page9 - Gift from DDD, MDR Diner, Ken, Barcelona, BCN Tugs, BCN Airport, Houston, Backstreet Cafe, Tilas Tacos, Sunshine Crew Picture, Sunshine Gift, 


Sunday, May 26, Barcelona, 5am

     Debarked, sad that the cruise was over...



     MDR Dinner 

     Room Service


     Alchemy Bar

      Blue Iguana Cantina

     Blue Iguana Tequila Bar 

     Cucina del Capitano

     Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse Menu

     Guy's Burger Joint

     Havana Bar

     Javablue Cafe

     Ji Ji Asian Kitchen

     Punchliner Brunch - Page1    Page2

     RedFrog Pub

     RedFrog Rum Bar 

     Shake Spot

     The Library Bar

     The Taste Bar


Our Fahrenheit 555 Experience

Ship Deck Plan Card - Side1     Side2

Carnival Sunshine Pictorial Deck Plan

Spa Prices - Page1     Page2     Example Port Specials

Debarkation Info - Page1     Page2

Carnival Fun Times - Day1-5     Day6-9


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