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Carnival Spirit Northbound Alaska Cruise May 27 - Jun 3, 2009


Will it explode or will it simmer forever ???  Links to Mount Redoubt Webcams and Redoubt Activity

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Vancouver, Wed May 27 - Depart 5:30pm   { Seven Seas Mariner, Volendam, Carnival Spirit }

     Page1 - Webcam, Pre-cruise info

     Page2 - Vancouver, Radisson Hotel and Hotel Vicinity

     Page3 - Embarkation, Carnival Spirit Pictures, Lifeboat drill

     Page4 - Sail away, Lion's Gate (First Narrows) Bridge,  Atkinson Lighthouse, Dinner

Cruise Inside Passage, Thu May 28

     Page1 - Watch your Step, Scenery

     Page2 - Ship Pictures, Salmon Pizza, Chicken Olympics, Magnets stick to walls

     Page3 - Scenery, Some BobbleHeald pictures, Dinner, Platinum gift

Ketchikan, Fri May 29 - 6:30am - 5:00pm - Docked { Norwegian Pearl (3), Carnival Spirit (2), Westerdam (1), Seven Seas Mariner (4), Veendam (1) , Mercury (3) }

     Page1 - Intro, Pre-cruise info

     Page2 - Mountain Point Snorkel, Some Ketchikan on foot

     Page3 - Some Ketchikan on foot, Creek Street, Cape Fox Hill Funicular, Married Man's Trail,

     Page4 - Married Man's Trail, Creek Street, Some Ketchikan on foot

     Page5 - Sail away, Blues Brothers Show, Sushi Bar, Dinner, Supper Club Menu, Some Deck Pictures after Dark

Juneau, Sat, May 30 - 9:00am - 11:00pm - Docked { Carnival Spirit (FKL), Seven Seas Mariner (AS) }

     Page1 - Intro, Pre-cruise info

     Page2 - Scenery approaching Juneau, No Bacon police at this station (with turkey bacon, chicken sausage, etc),

                  Mount Roberts Tram, Captive Bald Eagle, Bear Can

     Page3 - Supper Club, Whale Quest Tour, Humpbacks, Bald Eagle, Humpbacks, Gold Creek Salmon Bake

     Page4 - Ship pics, Bubba (CD) & BobbleHeald,  Juneau Night pictures

Skagway, Sun May 31 - 7:00am - 5:00pm - Docked { Seven Seas Mariner (RRA), Carnival Spirit (RRF), Silver Shadow (BRD) }

     Page1 -Webcam, Pre-cruise info, Map

     Page2 - Views from ship, Eagle Preserve Wildlife River Adventure, Some Skagway on foot

     Page3 - Sail away, Scenery, Dinner, Sunset

Sitka, Mon Jun 1 - 6:30am - 5:00pm - Tender { Carnival Spirit (2BR), Seven Seas Mariner (3CR), Spirit of Endeavor (CTY) }

     Page1 - Intro, Pre-cruise info

     Page2 - Some Sitka on foot, Alaska Raptor Center, Captains Choice Wildlife Quest and Beach Walk, Eagles, Humpbacks, Otters

     Page3 - Captains Choice Wildlife Quest and Beach Walk, Some Sitka on foot, St Michael's Cathedral, Baranof Castle Hill

     Page4 - Pizza, Sail away, Dinner, Big Easy

Cruise Prince William Sound, Tue Jun 2

     Page1 - Scenery, Some ship pictures, Chocolate Buffet, Various lunch options, Lighthouse, Supper Club menu (again?),

                 Excellent pilot boat pictures

Cruise College Fjord, Tue Jun 2

    Page1 - Scenery, Blues Brothers Encore show, some ship pictures, Harvard and other glaciers, otters

Whittier, Wed Jun 3 - Arrive 7:00am - Docked { Carnival Spirit (WCT) }

     Page1 Jun 2 Dinner, Scenery, Drive to Anchorage, Homewood Suites, Anchorage

Anchorage (Wed Jun 3 - Sat Jun 6) It ain't over yet, folks!

     Page1 - Intro - Pre-cruise

     Page2 - Homewood Suites area, Renown tour - Bus to Seward, Seward area, Otters, Glaciers, Goats, Birds, Seals, Orcas

     Page3 - Renown Tour - Orcas, False Penguins, Humpback, Puffins and other birds, Seals, Glacier, Train from Seward to Anchorage

     Page4 - Alaska (Anchorage) Zoo, Ship Creek, Arctic Valley, Dinner @ Sea Galley Restaurant

Boo Hoo - Homeward Bound



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