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Carnival Magic Inaugural Cruise, May 1-10, 2011

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Carnival Magic Inaugural Barcelona Cruise May 10th Homepage is here

Elizabeth and Zydecocruiser do Carnival Magic Inaugural Cruise, May 1-10, 2011


Venice, Sea Day 1, Dubrovnik, Sea Day 2, Messina, Naples, Rome, Livorno, Monte CarloBarcelona, MDR Menus, Other Menus, Prime Steakhouse, GoodToKnow/Room Service Menu, Bar Menu, Fun Times, Club O2/Circle C Capers, Camp Carnival Capers, Cloud 9 Spa Prices, Laundry Information, Barcelona Debarkation Information, Carnival Magic Pictorial Deck Plan




Check out the Carnival Magic Website!

We will be doing a back to back (B2B) in a Carnival Magic Cove Balcony!


Video with Chief Engineer Stefano Gazzolo:


Click here for the Cucina del Capitano Menu

Click here for the Cucina Del Capitano Dessert Menu

Red Frog Pub Menu


The Godmother to Carnival Magic is Lindsey Wilkerson:


Lots of Panoramic pictures of Rome and other Ports here:


The cameras I am using on this cruise are primarily a Nikon D7000 and maybe a few pictures with a Canon D10:

Nikon D7000 Main Lens - Nikon 18-200mm VRII Zoom Perhaps a Canon D10 if adverse conditions

Magic Schedule:

John Heald sez: so the schedule is:
April 29th - hand over ceremony and sail to Venice
April 30th - arrive in Venice
May 1st, 10:30am approx, embarkation starts
May 1st - 2pm naming ceremony, 5pm approx sail on first cruise

April 28, 2011

Well, made it to Dallas, finally. Kind of an eerie coincidence(?) that the hotel where we are staying is on John Carpenter Freeway. I have a cousin named John Carpenter who has been battling multiple sclerosis for a while but it keeps getting worse. Recently, he was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer that has metastasized to various places. Not good! He is going to try chemo to see if it will help any. I know miracles still happen. I am hoping and praying for one for you. You've been through enough crap. Love you, cuz.

April 28th also was my father's birthday. Love you and miss you, Dad.

Authors dedicate books to other people, I don't know why I can't dedicate cruises. So, this cruise is for you, John, and also for memories of my Dad. I hope to make it a good one and make you both proud.

Oh yeah, sorry about the "watermarks" but there has been much too much Internet Piracy.


Port Weather

01 Sun May 1  - Venice - depart 6pm {Carnival Magic} - and Carnival Magic NAMING CEREMONY - 2PM!!

                      Venice Deck Party and Events

     Page1     Best Western Airport Suites - DFW Airport, DFW-KLM Lounge, KLM Biz Class to Venice via Amsterdam, KLM Food

     Page2     Embarkation, Our Cove Balcony, Light Switch Thingy, Hat Trick Casino, Vibe, RedFrog Pub,

     Page3     RedFrog Pub, Promenade, Ship Bell, Fun Shops, Atrium, Cherry on Top, Hat Trick Casino/Bar

     Page4     Fun Hub, Plaza Cafe, Plaza Bar, Loyalty Desk, Sushi & More, Piano Bar, Prime Steakhouse, Spotlight Lounge, Pools, Tandoor, Burrito Bar, Lido Food, Mongolian Wok, Pizza, Soft Serve, Naming Ceremony

     Page5     Naming Ceremony, Deli, Lunch, Waterworks, Serenity,

     Page6     Views from Ship, Waterworks, Meet and Greet, Sports Square, Ropes Course, Mini-Golf, Pool Table, Ping Pong, Giant Chess, Foosball, Basketball Court

     Page7     Safety Drill, Venice Sailaway, St Mark's Square,

     Page8     Venice Sailaway, Doge's Palace, Project Moses, Dinner, Balcony Light


02 Mon May 2  - Fun Day at Sea 1 {Carnival Magic}

                       Welcome Aboard Show

     Page1     Cove Balcony Views, Showtime Theatre, Lobby, Atrium, Guest Services, Shore Excursions, Warehouse, Club O2, Circle C, Conference Center, Books and Games, John Heald, Fun Shops, Cherry on Top, Hat Trick Casino, Lunch from Oceanside Barbeque (Slider, Quesadilla, Hot Dog), Plaza Bites, Plaza Cafe

     Page2     Coffee Bar Sweets, Presents for John, Cove Balcony View, Tides Pool, Basketball Court, Ropes Course, Sports Square, Beach Pool, Waterworks, Serenity

     Page3     Waterworks, SkyCourse (Ropes Course), Beach Pool Gazebo, Funnel, Sports Square, SkyCourt (Basketball Court), Promenade Spa, Butthead, Cucino del Capitano, Hallway, TV Room Service Menu

     Page4     View from Cove Balcony, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Dinner, Table Artist Rakesh, Ken Byrne, Ship on a Stick, Welcome Aboard Show


03 Tue May 3  - Dubrovnik, Croatia - arrive 7am - depart 7pm {Carnival Magic} - NEW MOON

                      Marcus Anthony (Motown Vocalist)

GNU - Google Map of some pictures: HERE

     Page1     Breakfast, Showtime Theatre, Cavtat and Old Town Tour, Cavtat, Church of St Nicholas,

     Page2     Cavtat, Church of St Nicholas, Restaurants, Boats, Monastery of Our Lady of the Snow,

     Page3     Cavtat, Monastery of Our Lady of the Snow, Boats, Old Town Dubrovnik, Pan and Nymph Statue, ATM, Pile Gate, City Map with War Damage, Big Onofrije's Fountain, Church of the Savior, Stairs leading up to the Wall, Franciscan Monastery, St Blaise Church, 

     Page4     Old Town Dubrovnik, Cat, Farmer's Market, Civu Frana Cundulica 1893, Jesuit Church of St Ignatius Loyola, Cafe Buza (closed),

     Page5     Old Town Dubrovnik, Cafe Buza (Closed), Cat and Kittens, Jesuit Church of St Ignatius Loyola, Cable Car (not running), Harbor, Boats to Lokrum, Cat, St Blaise Church,

     Page6     Old Town Dubrovnik, Civu Frana Cundulica 1893, St Blaise Church, Franciscan Monastery, Steps to Walk the Wall, church of the Savior, Big Onofrije's Fountain, Old Pharmacy Museum, Pile Gate, Pan and Nymph Statue, Magic from across the bridge, Vendors at the Port,

     Page7     Franjo Tuđman Bridge, RedFrog Pub, Play It Again Piano Bar, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Sailing Away from Dubrovnik, Pilot Boat, Lighthouse, Dinner, Bingo, Marcus Anthony, Piano Man Ron Pass,


04 Wed May 4  - Fun Day at Sea 2 {Carnival Magic} - Elegant Night

                       Karen Grainger (Singing Impressionist) -

     Page1     Secret Balcony, Beach Pool, Oceanside Barbeque, Ocean Plaza, Fun Hub, Plaza Cafe, Plaza Bites, Salad Bar, MDR Lunch, Escape Bar, Oceanside Barbeque, Cherry on Top, Wine Packages,

     Page2     Cherry on Top, JW Blue, Marriage Show, Lobby, glass elevator, View from Cove Balcony, Cove Balcony,

     Page3     Magnetic Hooks, Fruit Basket, Ship on a Stick Fleet, Dinner, Ken Byrne, Rakesh, RedFrog Pub, Ocean Plaza, Dimas, Captain Cutugno, Chief Engineer Stefano Gazzolo, Hotel Director Donato Becce, John Heald, Karen Grainger, Towel Animal, Past Guest Pin,


05 Thu May 5  - Messina, Italy - arrive 7am - depart 6pm {Carnival Magic}

Google Map of the pictures: here






06 Fri May 6  - Naples, Italy - arrive 7am - depart 7pm {Carnival Magic}

                     Guest Talent Show / Bedtime Story

                     Google Map of the pictures: here

     Page1     Entering Naples Harbor, Molo di San Vincenzo Lighthouse, Room Service Breakfast, Secrets of Naples (Underground Naples) Tour,

     Page2     Secrets of Naples (Underground Naples) Tour,

     Page3     Secrets of Naples (Underground Naples) Tour, San Domenico Maggiore, Obelisk, Scaturchio's Pastiera, Sfogliatelle,

     Page4     Secrets of Naples (Underground Naples) Tour, Ristorante La Tana Dell'Arte, Pizza,

     Page5     Pilot Boat, Sailing from Naples, Mount Vesuvius, Dinner


07 Sat May 7  - Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy - arrive 7am - depart 10pm {Carnival Magic}

                      Deck Party













08 Sun May 8  - Livorno, Italy - arrive 7am - depart 7pm {Carnival Magic}

                      Al Ernst (Comedian Allegedly)

     Page1     Pisa and Winery Tour, Baptistery of St John, Pisa Cathedral/Duomo, Leaning Tower (Campanile/Torre Pendente), Campo Santo or Camposanto Monumentale or Camposanto Veccio, Monumental Cemetery

     Page2     Pisa and Winery Tour, Cathedral, Leaning Tower, Baptistery, Monumental Cemetery, Sinopie Museum, Lupa Capitolina,

     Page3     Pisa and Winery Tour, Baptistery of St John,  Carrara marble, Duff Beer, Fattoria il Poggio, Grape Vines, Grape Processing Equipment

     Page4     Pisa and Winery Tour,  Fattoria il Poggio, Grape Processing Equipment, Wine, Olive Oil, Snacks,

     Page5     Presents for John, Tandoor Lunch, Dinner, Ken Byrne, Martina, Souvenir Magic Coin


09 Mon May 9  - Monte Carlo, Monaco - arrive 6am - depart 2pm (was 4pm) {Carnival Magic}

                       Sea Day 3

                       Destination Unknown / Jason Byrne  -

     Page1     Approaching Monte Carlo, Room Service, BLT, Turkey, Roast Beef, Ice, Cove Balcony View,





10 Tue May 10 - Barcelona - Arrive 5am (was) 7am - Stay tuned for b2b {Carnival Magic} - FIRST QUARTER



Main Dining Room Menus

Other Menus

Prime Steakhouse

Good To Know / Room Service Menu

Bar Menu

Fun Times (Capers)

Circle C and Club 02 Capers (from May 1, 2011, 9 Day cruise)

Camp Carnival Capers (from May 10, 2011, 12 day cruise)

Cloud 9 Spa Prices

Laundry Information

Debarkation Information

Carnival Magic Pictorial Deck Plan - In Work


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